Contributor Profile – Andrea Wold, WRHC Visual Art Award Winner

June 27, 2017

So, I know you’re an honors student who’s created a moving piece of art, but beyond that, who’s Andrea? That’s hard to answer because I’m still “finding” myself and growing as an individual. For many years, I denied the fact that I was an artist and only recently, started paying attention to and working with … Read More

Contributor Profile – Joshua Lane, WRHC Open Media Award Winner

June 13, 2017

Josh Lane’s Identity in Contradiction came in and swooped up the WRHC Award for open media. This is the second year Lane has won an award while being published in the pages of Scribendi. We sat down and discussed the process of submitting and the artistic work he produced. How did you hear about us? … Read More

Contributor Profile – Ellen Harris, WRHC Nonfiction Award Winner

May 16, 2017

Ellen Harris is a senior from the University of Northern Colorado. Her nonfiction piece “I am nothing; I see all I am part or particle of God” has won the 2017 Western Regional Honor Council’s award in nonfiction. Please see below for Scribendi’s exclusive interview with her! What was your purpose when creating this poem? … Read More

Scribendi’s Publication Statistics

May 4, 2017

The time has arrived. Scribendi 2017 has been released! Readers across the country are enjoying the 2017 edition. We received nearly 250 submissions from across the country. This year, we published six schools that were outside of Western Regional Honors Council! While these schools have previously been published, each of these schools help to prove … Read More

Pure Grass for Scribendi

April 3, 2017

Last Sunday, all in a couple of hours, the Scribendi staff experienced love, nature, comradery, death, and democracy. We came as close to meeting Walt Whitman as I think we ever will. And we weren’t reading Leaves of Grass: we were living it. It was March 26 and exactly 125 years after the day of … Read More

Marigold Parade 2016

November 8, 2016

The 2016 Marigold Parade was everything a first or long-time viewer could want. It was filled with everything from candy to live music, and had way too many dogs dressed in cute little skeleton outfits (if there can be such a thing as that). It even included a vibrant parade through part of the West … Read More

The Submission Deadline to the 2017 Edition of Scribendi is Soon!

October 15, 2016

It’s that time of year again. The days shorten, the leaves change, skeletons adorn every home, coffee suddenly has themed flavors, and the submission date for Scribendi is just around the corner. Yes folks in less than a week your submissions for the 2017 edition of Scribendi must be turned in. Before the clock strikes … Read More

A Northern Californian/Temporary Oregonian’s Scribendi Semester

September 19, 2016

When I tell people that I’m a native Northern Californian and a temporary Oregonian, they’re usually confused about why I’m in New Mexico. I admit, my situation is a little unique. Heck, when I told people I was going to New Mexico for a semester, half of them thought I was going to Mexico and … Read More

Scribendi Team-Building Workshop 2016

September 6, 2016

“Mandatory” isn’t often met with grins and nods. More often than not, it’s received with groans and mumbled (or sometimes brazenly loud) complaints. August 25th wasn’t much different. After all, who wants to spend three hours on a Saturday evening with seventeen strangers? But, as our professor Amaris Ketcham had instructed, one by one we … Read More


February 8, 2016

It’s magazine makin’ season! Over break, each staff member designed a potential cover for the magazine. Within the first couple weeks of the semester we narrowed our choices down to eight potential covers. We have far too many talented designers on staff (lucky for us), so it was mildly heartbreaking for everyone to have to … Read More