The 2016 Marigold Parade was everything a first or long-time viewer could want. It was filled with everything from candy to live music, and had way too many dogs dressed in cute little skeleton outfits (if there can be such a thing as that). It even included a vibrant parade through part of the West Valley, complete with several chupacabra themed decorations. Perhaps one of the most colorful holidays, Dia de los Muertos is certainly a thriving event in Albuquerque’s community.

But, perhaps the most fun was to be had at the Scribendi booth. I mean, sugar skulls! Decorate-able sugar skulls!! My inner child was honestly so happy. Plus, seeing all those friendly faces? How could you not want to come here? I’d go here. Wait, I did.


Set up started at just after 11am, and in no time flat, several of us had set up shop. After that, it didn’t take long for things to heat up. While the start of the event was a little slow, business was booming by the time 2pm came around. Reinforcements arrived, Scribendi magazines began to circulate, and sugar skulls started to become decorated. We shared laughs, told jokes, and made conversation with everyone who came by. Nearly an entire box of magazines was passed out to the public, drawing more attention to the publication.


Thanks to all our hard work, we were able to sell most of our sugar skulls, helping us raise money for our publication in the spring.