The Scribendi staff is composed of undergraduate honors students enrolled in the University of New Mexico (UNM) Honors College. These students are supervised by a faculty advisor, who is a tenured professor in the program. The staff is in charge of every decision and duty in the publication process, including seeking submissions, selecting works for publication, proofreading, copyediting, designing pages, typesetting, laying out text, publicizing the magazine, and raising funds.

Staff members represent all majors, including physics and math as well as English and fine arts. Students must apply and interview to join the Scribendi staff, which is offered as a two-semester, 300- and 400-level class through the UNM Honors College. The magazine’s managing, digital, and communications editors are also undergraduate students who have applied and interviewed for their positions. Editors generally have worked on the Scribendi staff in previous years.

Students are expected to work on Scribendi projects for about six hours per week outside of class time to keep the magazine running smoothly. Staff members, including the editors, are not paid for being a part of Scribendi, but they receive two semesters’ worth (six hours) of college credit for their work.

If you are interested in becoming a staff member, check out this page.


Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Raychel Kool, Managing Editor
Reyes Reynaga, Digital Editor
Madi Hogans, Communications Editor
GoGo Salguero, Office Manager
Jeanie Vo
Tru Calabaza
Addison Fulton
Gabby Marez
Victoria Nisoli
Mary Martinez
Addison Key
Kadra Guillermo
Ana Olivas
Maya Chandra Capuano
Cyan Rose
Danh Nguyen
Elizabeth Fredrickson

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Picture of staff from 2022-2023

Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Ethan Ward, Managing Editor
John Scott, Digital Editor
Anna Abeyta, Communications Editor
Samantha Sena, Office Manager
Jordyn Bachmann
Madi Hogans
Raychel Kool
Sierra Quintana
Reyes Reynaga
Jesús Sanchez

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Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Sierra Martinez, Managing Editor
Flannery Cowan, Digital Editor
Spenser Willden, Communications Editor
Victoria Trujillo, Office Manager
Anna Abeyta
Ashley Apodaca
Abigail Campbell
Jacquelynn Gutierrez
Nell Johnson
John Scott
Andrew Sowers
Ethan Ward
Emma Ziegler

Historical Facts: This is the first year since 2011 that the magazine has been a square and the very first year the magazine has been an 8×8!

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Megan Kornreich, Editor in Chief
Zoe Perls, Managing Editor
Stefanie Stearns, Office Manager
Mariposa Childson
Flannery Cowan
Alex Dickey
Paul Irwin
Shelly Johnson
J Landolina
Sierra Martinez
Sam McHarney
Sehaj Singh
Victoria Trujillo
Spenser Willden

Historical Facts: This is the first year that we have created the magazine entirely virtually, from evaluating submissions to releasing the final edition. This is also the first year we have used an orange Pantone! Exciting! 

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Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Faith Montano, Editor in Chief
Tirzah Reeves, Managing Editor
Bettyjane Hoover, Digital Editor
Rowan Roberts, Office Manager
Izzy Benitez
Katrina Dutt
Ray Harper
Blaise Koller
Megan Kornreich
Danika Nelson
Isabella Obermeier
Zoe Perls
Stefanie Stearns
Sierra Venegas

Historical Facts: This is the first year that we’ve done a virtual release. It’s also the second time we’ve used pearl paper for the cover. 

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Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Alyssa Aragon, Editor in Chief
Hyunju Blemel, Managing Editor
Rowan Roberts, Office Manager
Bella Davis
Jeanette DeDios
Heather Hay
Bettyjane Hoover
Faith Montano
Tirzah Reeves
Donald Roberts
Lily Taichert
Josh Tise
Ally Wiesel

Historical Facts: This is the second year we used a Pantone color. This is the first year we participated in the Adobe Ambassador Program. Also we haven’t had a submission make the cover since 2002, and we haven’t used uncoated paper since 2008. This is the first year to include staff biographies and to highlight the contributor’s state in the back matter.

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Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Joshua Rysanek, Editor in Chief
Tessa Chrisman, Managing Editor
Paul Talley, Digital Editor
Rowan Roberts, Office Manager
Vincent Tafoya, Office Manager
Alyssa Aragon
Christine Anderson
Hyunju Blemel
Heather Brock
Olivia Comstock
Josh Lane
Ariel Lutnesky
Grace McNealy
Connor Northness
Oluwaseun Oyeku
Indu Roychowdhury
Kelsey Rust

Historical Facts: This is the second year that Scribendi has an exchange student on staff and the first year it has two. It is also the first year that the magazine cover features French flaps, which are extensions of the cover that are folded in, similar to the dust jacket on a hardcover book.

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Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Alexandra Magel, Editor in Chief
Melissa Krukar, Managing Editor
Elias McEntire, Office Manager
Nicholas Dakota Begay
Emily Carrico
Melissa Castillo
Tessa Chrisman
Cathy Cook
Nicole Klein
Trinity Koch
Josh Rysanek
Samuel Shoemaker-Trejo
Allie Sipe
Paul Talley
Jeremy Zeilik

Historical Facts: This is the first year that Scribendi has hosted an exchange student!

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Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Caitlin Carcerano, Editor in Chief
Kimberly Mitchell, Managing Editor
Michael Andrews, Digital Editor
Kara Filipas, Office Manager
Mia Coleman
Jenn Diaz
Madison Holden
Lauren Hutchinson
Jillian Kovach
Melissa Krukar
Alexandra Magel
Kelsey Mayne
Sam Roberts
David Rodriguez
Jesse Yelvington

Historical Facts: Scribendi turns thirty! Because of this, we also hosted the Honors Alumni Homecoming—what a great party! 

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Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Jesse Montoya, Editor in Chief
Keriden Brown, Managing Editor
Neethi Baskaran, Digital Editor
Kara Filipas, Office Manager
Michael Andrews
Emily Ayers
Victoria Camarillo
Caitlin Carcerano
Joseph DeBonis
Savanna Duran
Daniel Guardado
Sarah Haak
Quinci LeGardye
Kimberly Mitchell

Historical Facts: Introduction of the Open Media Staff Choice Award, and the first time a website has been published in Open Media.

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Scribendi 2014 Staff Photo
Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Jordan Burk, Editor in Chief
Claire Stasiewicz, Managing Editor
Kara Filipas, Office Manager
Samantha Andrews
Neethi Baskaran
Keriden Brown
Sergio Carrasco
Georgia Casswell
Mikayla Griego
Austin Miller
Jesse Montoya
Colin Ross
Aleshia Zaragoza

Historical Facts: First time something other than film and music published in Open Media.

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2013 Staff
Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor
Austin Evans, Editor in Chief
Amy Sullivan, Managing Editor
Kara Filipas, Office Manager
Sara Crespin, Digital Editor
Taylor Bui
Jordan Burk
James Epps
Rosario Marroquin-Flores
David Garcia
Gianna May
Nicole Perez
Julia Skillin
Claire Stasiewicz
Michael Warren

Historical Facts: Amaris Ketcham, the first student staff member to serve in Scribendi for four years, returned as the Scribendi Faculty Advisor and Professor; Scribendi won the 2013 National Pacemaker Award.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Robert Alanis, Editor in Chief
Tracy Buckler, Managing Editor
Gianna May, Office Manager (Fall)
Kara Filipas, Office Manager (Spring)
Danielle Gilliam, Teaching Fellow
Susie Davenport, Senior Staff
Hannah Peceny, Senior Staff
Sara Crespin
Megan Chatterton
Kayla Saldaña
Amy Sullivan
Jessica Barajas
Austin Evans

Historical Facts: First time a former staff member returned as a teaching fellow.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Chloë Winegar, Editor in Chief
Shari Taylor, Managing Editor
Gianna May, Office Manager
Jenny Velletta, Senior Staff
Robert Alanis
Aly Alford
Tracy Buckler
Susie Davenport
Craig Dubyk
Rachel Mnuk
Hannah Peceny
Andrew Quick
Elvis Recinos
Xochitl Romo
Carissa Simmons

Historical Facts: First time Scribendi included Film and Music as categories.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Anya Kurennaya, Editor in Chief
Samantha Doyle, Managing Editor
Krista Edwards, Marketing Director
Nichole Maher, Office Manager
Iain Deason
Sunny Liu
Sara Pacheco
Rosie Steinberg
Shari Taylor
Lindsey Turnbow
Jenny Velletta
Chloe Winegar

Historical Facts: First time Scribendi had a Marketing Director.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Robby Ortiz, Editor in Chief
Bryan Schroeder, Managing Editor
Sara Cobble, Office Manager
Robert Bee
Thomas Chavez
Samantha Doyle
Bevin Ehn
Ryan Freer
Kristian Macaron
Daniel McCarthy-Clifford
Tiffany Montoya

Historical Facts: First time Scribendi had the positions of Editor in Chief and Managing Editor; first time the majority of the staff was men; first time a man served alone in an editorial position.

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Kathryn Collison, Faculty Advisor
Jana Morehouse, Editor
Danny Wells, Assistant Editor
Clara Boling, Office Manager
Daniel Abeyta
Halee Baird
Krista Edwards
Anya Kurennaya
Susan Mirabal
Arielle Nylander
Jennifer Olson
Robby Ortiz
Bryan Schroeder
Christina Vehar

Historical Facts: First Scribendi cover art contest. Kathryn Collison served as Faculty Advisor while Dr. Donovan was on sabbatical.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Danielle Gilliam, Editor
Paul Martin, Assistant Editor
Amaris Ketcham, Office Manager
Clara Boling
Sara Cobble
Peter Gilroy
Ashley Hooper
Terryn Kweselait
Stephen McCranie
Jana Morehouse
Danny Wells
Matt Willis

Historical Facts: Last year staff member Amaris Ketcham served Scribendi, after having been longest-serving staff member for four consecutive years. Scribendi began using Adobe InDesign this year.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Madeleine Dent Coleman, Editor
Danielle Gilliam, Assistant Editor
Leslie McMurtry, Assistant Editor
Amaris Ketcham, Office Manager
Anna Butman
Dawn Catanach
Alyssa Christy
Dohnia Dorman
Sheena Kinsel
David Pendell
Jay Reidy
Jennifer Sawayda

Historical Facts: Only year with two Assistant Editors. This issue won the 2006 National Magazine Pacemaker Award.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Amaris Ketcham, Editor
Madeleine Coleman, Assistant Editor
Leslie McMurtry, Office Manager
Francesca Atencio
Ilse Biel
Monika Dziamka
Danielle Gilliam
Connie Lee
Paul Martin
Crystal Nielsen

Historical Facts: First year Scribendi participated in UNM Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Lindsey Lesch, Editor
Stephanie Martin, Assistant Editor
Jean Jacquez, Office Manager (Fall)
Luca Taylor, Office Manager (Spring)
Madeleine Coleman
Rivkela Brodsky
Sarah Blankenship
Amaris Ketcham
Armando Kirwin
Rachel Lime
Leslie McMurtry
Kerry Winkless-Hall
Katie Stallcup

Historical Facts: First staff to have multiple Office Managers. First year Scribendi’s cover featured embossing and a color other than white on the inside front and back covers.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Elizabeth Peck, Editor
Lindsey Lesch, Assistant Editor
Ryan Medalie, Office Manager
Diana Sanchez, Copy Editor
Cassandra Johnson, Design Editor
Audrey Harkins
Liz Hart
Stephanie Martin
Jennifer Mason
Carilyn Rome

Historical Facts: Only year the Scribendi staff was composed completely of women students.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Sandy Askew, Editor
Louis Moya, Office Manager
Kathyrn Allen
Mario Herrera
Cassandra Johnson
Lindsey Lesch
Ryan Medalie
Beth Peck
Diana Sanchez
Chad Schneider
Amy Weber

Historical Facts: First year the magazine was produced using QuarkXPress desktop publishing software; previously staff had used Adobe Pagemaker.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Juei-Ping (Tina) Chiu, Editor
Sandy Askew, Assistant Editor
Louis Moya, Office Manager
David Briones
Grace Esquibel
Michelle Fischer
Julia Gilroy
Ian Goebel
Esther Griego
Estacia Huddleston
Juri Hakola
Zachary Norwood
Astrid Winegar

Historical Facts: First year the magazine’s cover was completely designed and produced by staff members, using Photoshop; first year Scribendi had its own office (Honors Center, SHC, Room 18); first and only year that the mother (Radhika Huddleston) of one of the staff members had work published in Scribendi.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Anna Eyre, Editor
Sandy Askew, Fiction Editor
Kathryn Carrie Barkhurst, Design Editor
Sandra Chavez, Copy Editor
Juei-Ping Chiu, Fine Art Editor
Alex Flores, Photography Editor
Esther Marie Griego, Poetry Editor
Sarah Hunt, Essay Editor
Patricia O’Connor, Foreign Language Editor
Jennifer Patrick, Office Manager

Historical Facts: The WRHC liaison project was begun this year; first year the entire staff attended the WRHC conference in Ogden, Utah (the staff and Dr. Donovan drove together in two vans to get to the conference); first year Scribendi was able to hire a part-time student Office Manager to handle administrative and clerical responsibilities.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, Editor
Marin Goza, Assistant Editor
Rebecca Davis, Senior Staff Member
Tina Bollendorf
Vieng Bounkeua
Brian Cosbey
Anna Eyre
Stephanie Fuchs
Lynn Girven
Nikko Harada
Rachel Heisler
Nicole Rodgers
Allegra Sleep
Brianna Stallings
Miguel Villareal

Historical Facts: First year that only part of a submission was reproduced for the cover; staff extended submissions to national level for this year only; submissions exceeded six hundred works.

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Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor
Amelia Hess, Editor
Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, Assistant Editor
Vanessa Abbott
Craig Anderson
Stephanie Anderson
Debbie Coy
Rebecca Davis
Jenny Dumas
Alayna Dusenberry
Eric Glinz
Marin Goza
Dev Mukh Khalsa
Christine McGeagh
Cora Neumann
Alethea Patterson
Amy Shearn
Brianna Stallings
Erin Stevens
Phil Swango
Marianne Tapia

Historical Facts: First year Dr. Donovan was Faculty Advisor; first year staff did all graphic design and typesetting without professional assistance; first year the editor was also Senior Teacher for the class; with twenty members, this was the largest staff.

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Sharon Niederman, Faculty Advisor
Mikki Gober, Editor
Jan Tilbury, Edits Coordinator
Sean Squires, Design Coordinator
Amelia Hess, Essay Coordinator
Stephanie Rose Grivalva, Poetry Coordinator
Sue Vorenberg, Short Story Coordinator
Katherine Bomboy-Marshall, Production Manager
Stephanie Anderson
Susan Clair
Amanda Herman
Carol Jamell
Jennifer Lewis
Amanda Redmond-Neal
Bruce Ross

Historical Facts: Only year with a return editor; only year with Faculty Advisor Sharon Niederman.

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V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor
Mikki Gober, Editor
Jan Tilbury, Poetry Coordinator
Sue Vorenberg, Short Story Coordinator
Sean Squires, Design Coordinator
Wendy Darnell, Finance Manager
John Vejil, Computer Layout
Kristen Cunningham
Gail Fisher
Elizabeth Goldfarb
Jen Grace
Philip Higgs
Kristin Linkugel
Michelle Valencia
Linda Ward

Historical Facts: V.B. Price’s last year as Faculty Advisor.

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V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor
Micaela Seidel, Editor
Shander Bawden, Editor
William B. Smith, Assistant Editor
Sue Vorenberg, Works Assistant
Mikol Graves, Layout and Graphics
Mikki Gober, Edits Coordinator
Maya Elise Allen
Holly Bogenholm
Kristen Cunningham
Elizabeth Goldfarb
Connie Jimenez
Linh Truong
Sallie Riley

Historical Facts: Second year with two editors.

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1993–1994 (UNM Honors Review)

V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor
Daniel Abraham, Editor
Denise Clegg, Editor
Alysia Gray, Poetry Coordinator
James Miera, Essay Coordinator
Bruce Ross, Short Story Coordinator
Tina Skinner, Design Coordinator
Margaret L. Ortiz, Typesetter
E.A. Shander Bawden
Sarah Beatty
Holly Bogenholm
Chad DeLong
Mikki Gober
Jason Kottler
Heather Krehbiel
Heather Leche
Bruce Ross
Micaela Seidel

Historical Facts: First year the magazine was entitled Scribendi; first of two years with two editors.

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1992–1993 (UNM Honors Review)

V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor
Lisa Maureen Green, Editor
Jonatha Jones, Assistant Editor
Daniel Abraham
Joseph Hurtado
Denise Clegg
Jason Gibbs
Heather Krehbiel
Heather Leche
James Miera
Nikayla Nail
Bruce Ross
Felicia Steele

Historical Facts: First year magazine had “perfect binding”; this issue had six returning staff members, some of whom came back and were only staff – not editorial staff.

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1991–1992 (UNM Honors Review)

V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor
Candia McNeal, Editor
Lisa M. Green, Assistant Editor
Judy Binder
Sandra Chavez
Denise Clegg
Jason Gibbs
Jonatha Jones
Heather Krehbiel
Heather Leche
James Miera
Gerald Hendrickson

Historical Facts: First year of Editorial Forum, where each staff member wrote a short answer to a list of questions that was published (lasted only two years).

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1990–1991 (UNM Honors Review)

V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor
Stacey A. Ward, Editor
Candia McNeal, Assistant Editor
James D. Miera, Assistant Editor and Consultant
William Peterson, Consultant
Marlene Brockman, Proofer
Lisa M. Green, Proofer
Jennifer Colleen Nail, Proofer
Nicholas A. Donato, Art Director
Lisa M. Green, Assistant Art Director
M. Elaine Heimlich, Art Selection
Marlene Brockman, Business Manager
Lisa M. Green, Business Manager
M. Elaine Heimlich, Archivist
Pam Grieger, Typesetter
Jane V. Catoe
Sally B. Kmetz
Lynnea Shane
Andrew Witter

Historical Facts: First year for V.B. Price as sole Faculty Advisor.

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1989–1990 (UNM Honors Review)

Susan J. Kilgore, Faculty Advisor
Pamela Grieger, Editor
V.B. Price, Faculty Advisor
Stacey Ward, Assistant Editor
Eloisa Brown
Callie Cone
Karl Kaplan
Patti McElroy
Mary Lee Moeny
Omeed Memar Sadeghi
Pat Sheahan
Gretchen Zepernick

Historical Facts: Only year to have more than one Faculty Advisor.

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1988–1989 (UNM Honors Review)

Susan J. Kilgore, Faculty Advisor
Paula Morgan, Editor
Pamela Grieger, Assistant Editor
Colleen Baker
Cindy Engle
Kathy Gonzales
Adam Hathaway
Karl Kaplan
Kathryn McPherson
Omeed Memarsadeghi
Lisa Muncaster
Monica Patchett
Pat Sheahan

Historical Facts: UNM centennial edition (1889-1989); first year collaborating with the WRHC.

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1987–1988 (UNM Honors Review)

Susan J. Kilgore, Faculty Advisor
Trish Ann Teasdale, Editor
Jean M. R. Bury, Assistant Editor
Paula Morgan, Finance Manager
Pamela Grieger, Production
Sam Hammock, Cover Artist
Andrew Bryan
Kelli Hollister
Karl Kaplan
Aleta Lawrence
Kathryn McPherson
Jenny Montague

Historical Facts: Last year to have a black-and-white cover; last year not affiliated with WRHC.

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1986–1987 (UNM Honors Review)

Susan J. Kilgore, Faculty Advisor
Jean M. Raymond, Editor
Trish Ann Teasdale, Assistant Editor
Paula Morgan, Finance Manager
Pamela Grieger, Production
Jeffrey K. Johnson, Cover Artist
Georgene Somers, Graphics
Andrew Bryan
Jeff Gilmore
Devin O’Leary
Carol Sinor

Historical Fact: Inaugural year

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