It’s magazine makin’ season! Over break, each staff member designed a potential cover for the magazine. Within the first couple weeks of the semester we narrowed our choices down to eight potential covers. We have far too many talented designers on staff (lucky for us), so it was mildly heartbreaking for everyone to have to choose between covers. Our images ranged from modernist and simplistic, colorful, black and white, to a sparkling homage reminiscent of 80’s computer games. However, we are all excited with our final magazine design choice—it’s bold, striking, and quite beautifully designed by one of our staff members. We met with a representative from Starline, the company that prints our magazine, and discussed types of paper to use and potential foils and embossment. It’s surprisingly exciting to evaluate the textures of paper, and imagine what will be printed on it. (If you haven’t thought about it before, we recommend it).
Every day, the magazine is becoming a little more tangible, and not just images on our computer screens.
With all of our submissions in line, our staff of fourteen are gearing up for annual copy editing and type setting. All of our submissions have been placed in the magazine design, so we are getting closer to printing signature pages.
We have a sign in the Scribendi office that reads: “Every time you make a typo, the errorists win,” and that has become an implicit motto for our staff. Hence, Frodo’s stricken face (covered in copy editing grime and ink, not the dirt of Mordor), embodies our staff’s commitment to creating a typo-free edition of Scribendi. Every edition of Scribendi houses fantastic work, and this year’s edition also carries the distinction of being the 30th anniversary print!
Over the next few weeks we’ll plow through several “live” drafts of the magazine, incorporating corrections with each draft until we reach our final version the magazine. Once the magazines have been printed, our editors Caitlin, Kim, and Michael, and our Faculty Advisor, Amaris Ketcham, will be heading to Riverside California for the annual WRHC Opening Release of Scribendi. If you would like to attend the WRHC Opening, see our website for details. The local reception in Albuquerque will be held April 22nd, 2016, in the Honors Forum at UNM. Can’t wait to see you there!