The time has arrived. Scribendi 2017 has been released! Readers across the country are enjoying the 2017 edition.

We received nearly 250 submissions from across the country. This year, we published six schools that were outside of Western Regional Honors Council! While these schools have previously been published, each of these schools help to prove Scribendi’s presence around the country. We received 65 total submissions from these schools. While 87% of the published works came from WRHC schools, only 29% of our publication selections came from UNM. Going off this, only 33% of submissions came from UNM, which further proves Scribendi’s presence and influence off UNM campus.

As many of you know, our submissions are run through a completely blind submission process. More than half of the submissions we published in this year’s edition were written by women. Additionally ⅔ of the work that received special recognition, either from the WRHC or Scribendi were written or created by women. Compared to the VIDA Count, Scribendi has published more submissions from women than many other magazines.

While we still have a long way to go as far as gaining more submissions from outside of the western states, Scribendi has shown that there is still relevance in our work, giving students across the nation. We’re honored to have that privilege in helping you to tell your story.