Throwback Thurdsay

November 16, 2017

Throwback Thursdays! We’re bringing back some of our favorite pieces from the last 30 years of Scribendi. Piano Bar Blues (Last Night at the Capri Motor Lodge) Stephanie Black – Santa Monica College – 1989 THE CAPRI MOTOR LODGE PRESENTS BALENTINA THINRIDGE AT THE PIANO BAR FOR YOUR LISTENING ENJOYMENT. Imagine some poor bastard having to fit … Read More

Throwback Thrusday

November 9, 2017

Throwback Thursdays! We’re bringing back some of our favorite pieces from the last 30 years of Scribendi. Kansas City Blues Siandra Hoepfner-Pima Community College-1990 Autumn in Kansas City is a time when the air is newly crisp and clear and filled with the pungent, sweet smell of damp earth and decaying foliage. It is a time … Read More

Making Community Connections at the Muertos y Marigolds Parade

November 9, 2017

The Muertos y Marigolds Parade was full of energy on Sunday, November 5. Scribendi had a pretty sweet tent—that is, we sold plain sugar skulls and had edible paint, frosting, and sprinkles for people to use to decorate the sugar skulls. The Muertos y Marigolds Parade is Albuquerque’s celebration of Día de los Muertos, a … Read More

What Happens Now?

October 13, 2017

Submissions are due TODAY! You have toiled over your pieces. You have worked long and hard to polish your submissions. You have turned them into Scribendi. And then what? Now you wait. But what happens between the submission deadline and the acceptance emails? In that long space between October 13th and February what happens? What … Read More

The Observer

September 24, 2017

She considers herself to be thoughtful because she is constantly thinking a lot. She is always analyzing the world around her. For this reason, she is more reserved than many people and doesn’t talk much. When she does speak up, what she says is meaningful. This is Olivia Comstock, a National Student Exchange student from … Read More

Landlocked in New Mexico

September 23, 2017

Heather Brock is currently a senior college student with a major in Emerging Media and Digital Arts, with a minor in music. Living in the SRC apartments and possessing the ability to play the trumpet, this self-proclaimed type design nerd seems to be an ordinary UNM student. However, that assumption would be wrong. Heather is … Read More

Scribendi Staff Members Bond at Team Building Workshop

September 9, 2017

On Sunday, August 27, after a week of classes, each Scribendi staff member mosied into the Honors College forum. The task ahead was foggy–what exactly does a “Team Building Workshop” entail? We were soon to find out. The idea, as the title suggests, was for each of us to become better acquainted with one another … Read More

Contributor Profile – Emily Suazo, Editors’ Choice Award Winner

August 22, 2017

How do you describe yourself as a writer? As a person? As a writer, I love experimentation — with voice, with genre, with form, with style. As a person, I’ve had the same breakfast order for three years and browse JSTOR for fun. You’ve been published two years in a row in Scribendi. Any advice for … Read More

Contributor Profile – Jenna Forster, Staff Choice Literature Award Winner

July 24, 2017

When choosing a piece to receive the Staff Choice Award for literature, our staff had several excellent options to consider. The Staff Choice Award is an especially important award for the Scribendi staff because it reflects us as a staff and our vision for the magazine. From the first read-through of all our submissions, “The … Read More

Contributor Profile – Lissa Baca, WRHC Photography Award Winner

July 11, 2017

Lissa Baca, an English major at the University of New Mexico, has been taking pictures since she first learned how to click a camera. She does photography for fun, but she says that she does not consider herself to be a photographer. Still, through her hobby, she created the image “Body of Light,” which was … Read More