Scribendi’s Fall Start

October 13, 2020

Hello, my name is Paul and I am a Scribendi staff member. It’s been an intense year with Covid-19 and with the campus switched over to mainly remote learning for the fall semester. Our Publication Fair that we held in September, with Limina: UNM Nonfiction Review and Conceptions Southwest, and was fairly successful, even with … Read More

New year, new submissions

October 12, 2020

Hey all! Happy midterm week! Things are starting to ramp up this week at Scribendi, as submissions are due tomorrow, October 9th. If you haven’t submitted yet, now’s the time! And if you have, thank you, and we are so excited to see your work! We’ve begun reading poetry submissions, and I have to say, … Read More

Interview with Julia Daricek, WRHC Award in Nonfiction

August 21, 2020

“How to Speak Latin” by Julia Daricek  Julia Daricek is an international studies major at Colorado State University. Her creative nonfiction piece “How to Speak Latin” has won the 2020 Western Regional Honors Council award for nonfiction. Continue to read Scribendi’s exclusive interview with her!  What was your purpose or inspiration for writing “How to Speak Latin?”   I was studying … Read More

Interview with Nora Vanesky, WRHC Award in Open Media

July 31, 2020

“media projections” by Nora Vanesky   The winner of Scribendi’s annual WRHC Award for Open Media this year is Nora Vanesky, a third-year student at the University of New Mexico. She dabbles in many forms of art, including video art, on a regular basis.   “Media Projections” showcases Nora herself and a young man standing in front of a wall, alternating between them as … Read More

Interview with Stu Nolan, WRHC Award in Poetry

July 10, 2020

“An Address on the Fragmentation of My Self” by Stu Nolan  How long have you been writing poetry?   I have been playing with language and writing in some form since I was young, but I really started reading and writing poetry more formally when I was a freshman in high school— about 7 years.  What inspired you … Read More

Interview with Alec Lepisto, WRHC Award in Fiction

June 19, 2020

Fugue by Alec Lepisto Alec Lepisto is a physics and mathematics honors student attending Idaho State University. His fiction piece “Fugue” has won the 202 Western Regional Honors Council (WRHC) award for fiction. Continue to read Scribendi’s exclusive interview with him!  What was your purpose in creating “Fugue”?   I don’t know that I had a particular purpose in writing … Read More

Interview with Stella Nall, WRHC Award in Visual Art

May 29, 2020

Boobs Are Measured In Cups, You Know by Stella Nall How do you describe yourself as an artist? As a person?  As a person I am kind of weird, but also pretty friendly and good I hope. I like to laugh and help others laugh; it is important to me to be kind in all of my interactions. I can’t … Read More

Interview with Maithu Koppolu, Editor’s Choice Award in Literature

May 8, 2020

Sunscreen by Maithu Koppolu Maithu Koppolu is a senior Creative Writing and Public Relations/Advertisement major from San Diego, CA. Her short fiction piece Sunscreen won the Editors’ Choice Award for Literature in our 2020 issue. Continue to read Scribendi’s exclusive interview with her!   1. What was your purpose or inspiration for writing Sunscreen?  I’ve always been intrigued by the way children view the world, … Read More

Interview with Nina Palattella, Staff Choice Winner for Literature

April 28, 2020

“Root” by Nina Palattella Nina Palattella attends Kent State University. She is the editor in chief of Brainchild, the literary and arts magazine representing the work of honors students in the MEHA region. She is primarily a poet and fiction author, though she also enjoys the challenge of research-based writing. Nina’s poem, “Root,” made an … Read More

Interview with Ashley Geraets, Editors Choice Winner for Visual Art

April 24, 2020

From Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Ashley Geraets is an artist, powerlifter, and vegan studying environmental engineering and Japanese. Her dream is to see Earth’s ecosystems restored and an end to both human and animal suffering!   What made you interested in submitting to Scribendi?   Scribendi was promoted to me by my institution’s honors program. I thought it would … Read More