Hello, my name is Paul and I am a Scribendi staff member. It’s been an intense year with Covid-19 and with the campus switched over to mainly remote learning for the fall semester. Our Publication Fair that we held in September, with Limina: UNM Nonfiction Review and Conceptions Southwest, and was fairly successful, even with the campus seeming like it is a ghost campus with the social distancing that has been ordered across the states. I attended the first day of our Publication Fair on Monday September 21 alongside the food pantry drive for students in need of assistance. It was great being able to hand out some magazines and spread the word about our literary magazine contest for the 2021 edition of Scribendi. It was simply a beautiful day to spend outside talking with people and feeling a little more social than I had in the past few months. We had our teambuilding exercise for the literary magazine on a Zoom session in September as well. The class was able to become closer and we were able to get a feel of how we would all work together over the next school year. In October, I had the pleasure to attend the first WIP, Works in Progress, sponsored by Blue Mesa Review. It was a fantastic night featuring readers, UNM graduate students and faculty, who shared glimpses of their work. The night was wonderful, with more than 40 people showing up in support of WIP. The evening’s readers were Mikaela Osier, Amanda Kooser, Rachael Johnson, and Stephen Benz. It was the first meeting that wasn’t live, and yet the night shined with the beauty of words spoken from masters who knew how to write well.