We’re Going to Press! – Updates and Future Events

March 7, 2016By webeditor1Cool News

But our work is not done yet! As we get closer to our openings (more on these later!), the staff continues to work hard on the digital edition, the 30th anniversary insert, and planning our openings. Another exciting thing that the staff will be doing is redesigning our website! Soon, we will have a new, … Read More

Happy Hearts Over Pacemaker Announcement

September 19, 2015By webeditor1Cool News

Scribendi 2015 has been named a finalist for the ACP Pacemaker! People outside of the publishing industry might think this means we have cardiovascular deficiencies, which is far from the truth. Indeed, our joyful, healthy hearts are racing with pride and excitement over our magazine’s big accomplishment. The Pacemaker is considered the most prestigious national … Read More

Starting Fresh: Scribendi 2016

September 5, 2015By webeditor1Cool News

Well folks, here we go: Scribendi 2016.  The semester has gotten off to a great, albeit moderately overwhelming, start.  First order of business: team bonding.  Scribendi wouldn’t be much without a well-working, supportive team creating it.  As it turns out, we are all very busy people.  Prospects were grim, it looked like we were not … Read More

Día de los Muertos Parade

November 3, 2014By webeditor1Cool News

  The Scribendi staff has been hard at work, pouring over hundreds of different submissions in order to narrow down what shall appear in the 2015 edition of the magazine. It can be quite the daunting task and when such a monumental work is undertaken, breaks of some sort have to be allowed for to … Read More

2014 Scribendi Team Building Workshop

September 5, 2014By webeditor1Cool News

Team buildings either can make or break an organization that is just starting off. That awkward, first encounter with any new group of people can almost be too painful to swallow in the moment, but if handled correctly, looking back will encourage laughter and a good deal of classic reminiscing. So was the case when … Read More

Scribendi wins the 2013 National Pacemaker award!

November 1, 2013By webeditor1Cool News

The Associated Collegiate Press has announced their selections for the 2013 Pacemaker awards, and Scribendi has prevailed! Our 2013 edition was deemed worthy of the highest award in student journalism, often likened to the Pulitzer. This is one of the greatest honors we can receive, and we’re grateful and excited to accept. Pacemaker candidates were judged based … Read More

Honors Homecoming 2013

October 21, 2013By ScribeCool News

On the afternoon of Friday the 27th of September, the Scribendi staff started to prepare for Homecoming. First-timer and seasoned pro alike, they all pitched in to make this Homecoming the best one in Honors history. Did they pull it off? Absolutely. Then again, I may be biased. I was one of the staff members who … Read More

Scribendi Spotlight: Poetry

October 8, 2013By webeditor1Cool News

In this segment, your Scribes highlight a work of art or literature that has been published in a past issue of Scribendi. This piece has been selected by Jesse Montoya, from the Scribendi 2013 edition. Commentary will follow after the poem. Garden City Breeann Silbernagel | Montana State University, Billings | Poem Editors’ Choice Award … Read More

Scribendi is a finalist for the Pacemaker award!

September 23, 2013By webeditor1Cool News

by Georgia Casswell When thinking about what makes Scribendi such a distinguished magazine, words like “dedication,” “hard work,” and “pride” come to mind. It is with all of these things that the staff works tirelessly to create such an amazing work of art. For two semesters the unity of some of the most brilliant minds that the … Read More

Scribendi Teambuilding Workshop

September 11, 2013By ScribeCool News

by Sergio Carrasco and Jesse Montoya Less-than-credible news sources suggest that on Saturday, August 24th, the Scribendi team gathered in the early morning hours for their annual Teambuilding Workshop. Participants arrived groggy, nervous, and generally withdrawn. A sort of quiet unease shrouded the honors forum; some staff members made small talk, others quietly awaited their … Read More