Contributor Profile: WRHC Creative Nonfiction Award Winner Georgie Zamantakis

June 11, 2015By webeditor1Contributor Profile, Neat Info, Scribendi Profiles

There’s a reason the phrase ‘the personal is political’ has found its way into almost every important social justice movement of our time. Though that phrase has come to mean something different to every generation, it still serves as a powerful slogan for underrepresented populations, whose stories are often lost amid the clamoring politics of … Read More

Evaluating Submissions

November 21, 2014By webeditor1Neat Info

Last month, the staff started looking through the submissions and compiling their own shortlists for each category. Now we’ve been discussing the shortlists together as a staff, one of the most fun parts of the process. As someone who has had more experience with prose than visual art, I appreciate these discussions a lot; I … Read More

Scribendi Events

October 17, 2014By webeditor1Neat Info

Two big events in the last few weeks: homecoming and the Publications Fair. The Scribendi staff helped put together the annual alumni homecoming event on Sept. 27 and held a silent auction. This year, the theme of the event was to shine a light on study abroad students. The evening was filled with “mingling” and … Read More

Meet the 2015 Staff

September 28, 2014By webeditor1Neat Info

  Amaris Ketcham, Faculty Advisor What’s your favorite place at UNM?: Under the trees by the anthropology building, where you can watch hawks What was the last picture you took with your phone?: The last picture I took with my phone was of an image of a phone on a phone booth. If you had to choose one … Read More

Considering the Categories

September 19, 2014By webeditor1Neat Info

Autumn is almost here. You know what that means! (hint: if your answer wasn’t ‘Scribendi submission deadline is coming up’ maybe go reevaluate your life. And create something to submit while you’re at it.) If you haven’t submitted to Scribendi already, and you aren’t sure which category you would like to submit in, you’ve come to … Read More

Daniel Abraham Is a Hardworking Fellow.

November 1, 2013By webeditor1Neat Info

By Sergio E. Carrasco   Today, he was hard at work talking about himself as part of the “Meet the Author” lecture series happening Mondays in November. Dressed in a plain white T-shirt, blue jeans and a loose-fitting, unbuttoned overshirt, Daniel Abraham looked the part of the quintessential “slacker-writer”: you know, the kind that misses … Read More

An Introduction to Copyright

September 19, 2013By webeditor1Neat Info

(by Sergio Carrasco and Jesse Montoya, based on an article by Alyson Alford-Garcia)   Have you ever wondered, while illegally downloading movies and music, about copyright law and how it affects you, industries, society on the whole? Well, we normally don’t either, but we’ve been thinking, now that we’re gearing up for another issue of … Read More

Printing Processes: from ancient to modern

March 28, 2013By ScribeNeat Info

I don’t think it’s fair to write about print design without covering the printing process as well, so I think it’s about time I head straight for the workshop and explain some of the various printing practices out there. To begin, there are literally dozens of ways to get something (words, pictures, shapes) printed onto … Read More