Publication Fair Recap

October 18, 2019

The publication fair was held on a pleasant day as a nice breeze danced through the trees for us on October 1, 2019. All of he undergraduate campus publications were represented at the publication fair. We had published issues available for perusal from The Daily Lobo, Conceptions Southwest Magazine, Best Student Essays, and Scribendi Magazine. … Read More

2019 Pacemaker Finalists

October 14, 2019

Starting on a happy note: the 2019 Pacemaker Award Finalists were finally announced (woohoo!) Not so happy note: the Scribendi 2019 Edition was not a finalist (boo) After receiving 126 entries from 22 states and Canada, the Associated College Press announced 41 collegiate magazines in either general interest or literary arts as finalists for the … Read More

Submission Deadline Coming Fast

October 8, 2019

In about 72 hours, the submission deadline for Scribendi 2020 will be upon us. If you are reading this, and dream of being published, submit to Scribendi the national literary and arts magazine made by students in the UNM Honors College. Submissions close on Oct 11th at midnight.  We choose submissions in the categories of … Read More

Meet Scribendi’s 2019/20 Staff

September 10, 2019

This year’s Scribendi staff started the semester with a fun and enlightening Sunday evening team building workshop. Faculty advisor Amaris Ketcham enlisted the help of Danielle, a former Scribendi staff member and editor who currently works with the UNM Global Education Office. For many years Danielle has led team building exercises in the annual workshops … Read More

Interview with Hannah Slind, WRHC Poetry Award Winner

September 3, 2019

Content warning: This interview contains discussion on topics including rape and trauma.   Hannah Slind is the author of the WRHC award winning poem “reliance”—while she attends the University of Utah, the state in which she grew up, her international ties include her birthplace in England and her Canadian parents. Her poem “reliance” impressed Scribendi staff and the WRHC alike for its sophisticated and … Read More

Interview with Editor’s Choice Winner Carrie George

August 24, 2019

Carrie George is the author and artist behind Curtains, “Apophatic,” and the award-winning “Raspberry Pie.” From the quiet town of Bel Air, Maryland, she now attends Kent State University in Ohio, where she works on several literature magazines. She also teaches poetry with the Wick Poetry Center and hopes to continue teaching poetry in her … Read More

Interview with 2019 Contributor Phoebe Cummins

August 10, 2019

Phoebe Cummins is the creator of “Breaking Bad Stereotypes” in the 2019 edition of Scribendi. She is from Tijeras, New Mexico, and recently graduated from the University of New Mexico this past December. Phoebe’s open media piece is the only video included in Scribendi 2019 and is a wonderful example of the creativity and diversity of our contributors. Below is a short … Read More

Nat Quayle Nelson, WRHC Short Fiction Award

July 27, 2019

Nat Quayle Nelson is an eclectic creator working on a Writing and Rhetoric degree from the University of Utah. She dabbles in everything from zines to game design to more traditional fiction, like her award- winning piece, “I Think.”   “I Think” is the story of Eliza, a depressed woman on house arrest, isolated from the … Read More