Last Saturday, October 23rd, Scribendi hosted an open mic event at the Little Bear Coffee Co. on Central. The entire evening was a success due to the attendance of so many wonderful creatives who shared their work and to staff member Drew who spear-headed preparation and planning for the evening. 

We heard wonderful performances of poetry, prose, and music from talented members of the community. We are so grateful to each and every one of them for sharing their talents with us. Creative works are, by nature, very intimate things. Part of the heart and soul of the artist goes into creating and we saw the hearts and souls of so many great people on Saturday evening. We cannot express enough how grateful we are that you all have shared this piece of yourselves with us. Sharing yourself in front of a room full of strangers is nerve-racking and we applaud you all for your courage. 

We would also like to show appreciation to all those who donated on Saturday evening through buying merch or simply through selflessly putting money into the donation jars. All this money will go toward making the next edition of the magazine just as amazing, if not better, than the last one. 

Lastly, even though submissions are closed for the 2022 magazine, we invite everyone who performed to think about submitting their work to the 2023 magazine. They were all incredible works of art and we’d love to see them published in our magazine. Submissions will open in April 2022. 

Thanks again for a wonderful evening!