Marroquin was a former Scribendi staff member who worked on 2013 edition. She was a STEM major who wanted to explore her artistic side as a Scribendi member. Marroquin believes that being Scribendi member is a lifelong valuable experience directly useful in various life-long activities.  

“I gained skills in graphic design, copy editing, and learned about the steps that go into journal production. I was able to use the skills that I gained from Scribendi to create and produce a science communication (SciComm) journal, the SACNAS Research Spotlight, at my current university.” 

Scribendi members go through lots of different production stages to finalize and complete the magazine. Magazine making process is not as easy as it seems, it takes lots of effort and Marroquin feels the same.  

“You’ve read the words so many times that you start to hate the piece. However, these ended up being import skills to have as well. I have the exact same experience when I prepare a manuscript for publication. By the time I’m ready to submit my paper to a journal, it’s been through so many rounds of edits that I can barely stand to look at it.” 

In the end, all the experiences are worth, and they always teach us something useful. Scribendi always has sense of community actively working together to achieve a common goal that always convinces people to involve in something similar.  

“I had a great experience as a Scribendi staff member. I would love to be involved in a similar production in the future.”