2001-2002 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Sandy Askew, Editor Louis Moya, Office Manager Kathyrn Allen Mario Herrera Cassandra Johnson Lindsey Lesch Ryan Medalie Beth Peck Diana Sanchez Chad Schneider Amy Weber Historical Facts: First year the magazine was produced using QuarkXPress desktop publishing software; previously, staff used Adobe Pagemaker.   For a $10 donation (to cover … Read More


2000-2001 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Juei-Ping (Tina) Chiu, Editor Sandy Askew, Assistant Editor Louis Moya, Office Manager David Briones Grace Esquibel Michelle Fischer Julia Gilroy Ian Goebel Esther Griego Juri Hakola Estacia Huddleston Zachary Norwood Astrid Winegar Historical Facts: First year the magazine’s cover was completely designed and produced by staff members, using Photoshop. First … Read More


1999-2000 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Anna Eyre, Editor Sandy Askew, Fiction Editor Kathryn Carrie Barkhurst, Design Editor Sandra Chavez, Copy Editor Juei-Ping Chiu, Fine Art Editor Alex Flores, Photography Editor Sarah Hunt, Essay Editor Esther Marie Griego, Poetry Editor Patricia O’Connor, Foreign Language Editor Jennifer Patrick, Office Manager Historical Facts: The WRHC liaison project was … Read More


1998-1999 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, Editor Marin Goza, Assistant Editor Rebecca Davis, Senior Staff Member Tina Bollendorf Vieng Bounkeua Brian Cosbey Anna Eyre Stephanie Fuchs Lynn Girven Nikko Harada Rachel Heisler Nicole Rodgers Allegra Sleep Brianna Stallings Miguel Villareal Historical Facts: First year Scribendi reproduced only part of a submission for the magazine … Read More


1997-1998 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Amelia Hess, Editor Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, Assistant Editor Vanessa Abbott Craig Anderson Stephanie Anderson Debbie Coy Rebecca Davis Jenny Dumas Alayna Dusenberry Eric Glinz Marin Goza Dev Mukh Khalsa Christine McGeagh Cora Neumann Alethea Patterson Amy Shearn Brianna Stallings Erin Stevens Phil Swango Marianne Tapia Historical Facts: First year Dr. Donovan … Read More


1996-1997 Sharon Niederman, Faculty Advisor Mikki Gober, Editor Jan Tilbury, Edits Coordinator Sean Squires, Design Coordinator Amelia Hess, Essay Coordinator Stephanie Rose Grivalva, Poetry Coordinator Sue Vorenberg, Short Story Coordinator Katherine Bomboy-Marshall, Production Manager Stephanie Anderson Susan Clair Amanda Herman Carol Jamell Jennifer Lewis Amanda Redmond-Neal Bruce Ross Historical Facts: First year with a return … Read More


1995-1996 V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor Mikki Gober, Editor Jan Tilbury, Poetry Coordinator Sue Vorenberg, Short Story Coordinator Sean Squires, Design Coordinator Wendy Darnell, Finance Manager John Vejil, Computer Layout Kristen Cunningham Gail Fisher Elizabeth Goldfarb Jen Grace Philip Higgs Kristin Linkugel Michelle Valencia Linda Ward Historical Facts: V.B. Price’s last year as Faculty Advisor. … Read More


1994-1995 V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor Shander Bawden, Editor Micaela Seidel, Editor William B. Smith, Assistant Editor Sue Vorenberg, Works Assistant Mikol Graves, Layout and Graphics Mikki Gober, Edits Coordinator Maya Elise Allen Holly Bogenholm Kristen Cunningham Elizabeth Goldfarb Connie Jimenez Linh Truong Sallie Riley Historical Facts: Second year with two editors.   For a … Read More


1993-1994 (UNM Honors Review) V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor Daniel Abraham, Editors Denise Clegg, Editor Alysia Gray, Poetry Coordinator James Miera, Essay Coordinator Bruce Ross, Short Story Coordinator Tina Skinner, Design Coordinator Margaret L. Ortiz, Typesetter E.A. Shander Bawden Sarah Beatty Holly Bogenholm Chad DeLong Mikki Gober Jason Kottler Heather Krehbiel Heather Leche Bruce Ross … Read More


1992-1993 (UNM Honors Review) V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor Lisa Maureen Green, Editor Jonatha Jones, Assistant Editor Daniel Abraham Joseph Hurtado Denise Clegg Jason Gibbs Heather Krehbiel Heather Leche James Miera Nikayla Nail Bruce Ross Felicia Steele Historical Facts: First year the magazine had “perfect binding.” This issue had six returning staff members, some of … Read More