2011-2012 Staff Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Danielle Gilliam, Teaching Fellow Robert Alanis, Editor in Chief Tracy Buckler, Managing Editor Gianna May, Office Manager (Fall) Kara Filipas, Office Manager (Spring) Susie Davenport, Senior Staff Hannah Peceny, Senior Staff Jessica Barajas Megan Chatterton Sara Crespin Austin Evans Kayla Saldaña Amy Sullivan Historical Facts: First time a former … Read More


2010-2011 StaffLeslie Donovan, Faculty AdvisorChloë Winegar, Editor in ChiefShari Taylor, Managing EditorGianna May, Office ManagerJenny Velletta, Senior StaffRobert AlanisAly AlfordTracy BucklerSusie DavenportCraig DubykRachel MnukHannah PecenyAndrew QuickElvis RecinosXochitl RomoCarissa Simmons Historical Facts: First time Scribendi included Film and Music as categories. For a $10 donation (to cover the cost of shipping) you can get your own copy of … Read More


2009-2010 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Anya Kurennaya, Editor in Chief Samantha Doyle, Managing Editor Krista Edwards, Marketing Director Nichole Maher, Office Manager Iain Deason Sunny Liu Sara Pacheco Rosie Steinberg Shari Taylor Lindsey Turnbow Jenny Velletta Chloe Winegar Historical Facts: First time Scribendi had a Marketing Director For a $10 donation (to cover the cost of shipping) … Read More


2008-2009 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Robby Ortiz, Editor in Chief Bryan Schroeder, Managing Editor Sara Cobble, Office Manager Robert Bee Thomas Chavez Samantha Doyle Bevin Ehn Ryan Freer Kristian Macaron Daniel McCarthy-Clifford Tiffany Montoya Historical Facts: First time for positions of Editor in Chief and Managing Editor. First time majority of staff were men. First … Read More


2007-2008 Kathryn Collison, Faculty Advisor Jana Morehouse, Editor Danny Wells, Assistant Editor Clara Boling, Office Manager Daniel Abeyta Halee Baird Krista Edwards Anya Kurennaya Susan Mirabal Arielle Nylander Jennifer Olson Robby Ortiz Bryan Schroeder Christina Vehar Historical Facts: First Scribendi cover art contest. Kathryn Collison served as Faculty Advisor while Dr. Donovan was on sabbatical.   … Read More


2006-2007 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Danielle Gilliam, Editor Paul Martin, Assistant Editor Amaris Ketcham, Office Manager Clara Boling Sara Cobble Peter Gilroy Ashley Hooper Terryn Kweselait Stephen McCranie Jana Morehouse Danny Wells Matt Willis Historical Facts: Last year staff member Amaris Ketcham served Scribendi, after having been the longest serving staff member with four consecutive … Read More


2005-2006 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Madeleine Dent Coleman, Editor Danielle Gilliam, Assistant Editor Leslie McMurtry, Assistant Editor Amaris Ketcham, Office Manager Anna Butman Dawn Catanach Alyssa Christy Dohnia Dorman Sheena Kinsel David Pendell Jay Reidy Jennifer Sawayda Historical Facts: Only year with two Assistant Editors. This issue won the 2006 National Magazine Pacemaker Award.   … Read More


2004-2005 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Amaris Ketcham, Editor Madeleine Coleman, Assistant Editor Leslie McMurtry, Office Manager Francesca Atencio Ilse Biel Monika Dziamka Danielle Gilliam Connie Lee Paul Martin Crystal Nielsen Historical Facts: First year Scribendi participated in the UNM Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium.   For a $10 donation (to cover the cost of shipping) … Read More


2003-2004 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Lindsey Lesch, Editor Stephanie Martin, Assistant Editor Jean Jacquez, Office Manager (Fall) Luca Taylor, Office Manager (Spring) Madeleine Coleman Rivkela Brodsky Sarah Blankenship Amaris Ketcham Armando Kirwin Rachel Lime Leslie McMurtry Kerry Winkless-Hall Katie Stallcup Historical Facts: First year Scribendi’s cover featured embossing and a color other than white on … Read More


2002-2003 Leslie Donovan, Faculty Advisor Elizabeth Peck, Editor Lindsey Lesch, Assistant Editor Cassandra Johnson, Design Editor Diana Sanchez, Copy Editor Ryan Medalie, Office Manager Audrey Harkins Liz Hart Stephanie Martin Jennifer Mason Carilyn Rome Historical Facts: Only year the Scribendi staff was composed completely of female students.   For a $10 donation (to cover the … Read More