What Happens Now?

October 13, 2017By webeditor1Neat Info

Submissions are due TODAY! You have toiled over your pieces. You have worked long and hard to polish your submissions. You have turned them into Scribendi. And then what? Now you wait. But what happens between the submission deadline and the acceptance emails? In that long space between October 13th and February what happens? What … Read More

The Observer

September 24, 2017By webeditor1Cool News, Neat Info

She considers herself to be thoughtful because she is constantly thinking a lot. She is always analyzing the world around her. For this reason, she is more reserved than many people and doesn’t talk much. When she does speak up, what she says is meaningful. This is Olivia Comstock, a National Student Exchange student from … Read More

Landlocked in New Mexico

September 23, 2017By webeditor1Cool News, Neat Info

Heather Brock is currently a senior college student with a major in Emerging Media and Digital Arts, with a minor in music. Living in the SRC apartments and possessing the ability to play the trumpet, this self-proclaimed type design nerd seems to be an ordinary UNM student. However, that assumption would be wrong. Heather is … Read More

Scribendi Staff Members Bond at Team Building Workshop

September 9, 2017By webeditor1Neat Info

On Sunday, August 27, after a week of classes, each Scribendi staff member mosied into the Honors College forum. The task ahead was foggy–what exactly does a “Team Building Workshop” entail? We were soon to find out. The idea, as the title suggests, was for each of us to become better acquainted with one another … Read More

Scribendi’s Publication Statistics

May 4, 2017By webeditor1Neat Info

The time has arrived. Scribendi 2017 has been released! Readers across the country are enjoying the 2017 edition. We received nearly 250 submissions from across the country. This year, we published six schools that were outside of Western Regional Honors Council! While these schools have previously been published, each of these schools help to prove … Read More

Pure Grass for Scribendi

April 3, 2017By webeditor1Cool News, Neat Info

Last Sunday, all in a couple of hours, the Scribendi staff experienced love, nature, comradery, death, and democracy. We came as close to meeting Walt Whitman as I think we ever will. And we weren’t reading Leaves of Grass: we were living it. It was March 26 and exactly 125 years after the day of … Read More

Marigold Parade 2016

November 8, 2016By webeditor1Neat Info

The 2016 Marigold Parade was everything a first or long-time viewer could want. It was filled with everything from candy to live music, and had way too many dogs dressed in cute little skeleton outfits (if there can be such a thing as that). It even included a vibrant parade through part of the West … Read More

Scribendi Team-Building Workshop 2016

September 6, 2016By webeditor1Neat Info

“Mandatory” isn’t often met with grins and nods. More often than not, it’s received with groans and mumbled (or sometimes brazenly loud) complaints. August 25th wasn’t much different. After all, who wants to spend three hours on a Saturday evening with seventeen strangers? But, as our professor Amaris Ketcham had instructed, one by one we … Read More