Luz de la Luna by Saul Vazquez

Saul Vazquez is a student at California State University, Northridge and is currently in his second year. He is second from his nuclear and extended family to go to college. 

How did you create “Luz de la Luna”, both conceptually and physically? Were there any particular considerations when constructing this piece? 

I wanted this piece to be minimalistic that is using the least amount of professional resources such as a good camera and editing software. This also included inexpensive props you could find around you like a toilet paper roll. I used what I had around me to create something beautiful. 

What were some of your motivations/inspirations for this piece? 

My inspiration for this piece was music. As a musician, at times I must improvise and use what I have at my disposal to create art. As an artist, I took that idea and created something with the tools I had at the time. 

What do you most want our audience to take away from “Luz de la Luna”? 

I would like the audience to know that you can do anything you put your mind to, regardless of the limitations you may face. Art is an expression of ourselves. Therefore art can be anything you create and you shouldn’t allow doubtful thoughts stop you from doing something that defines you. 

What are your interests and engagements as an artist? How did they influence the creation of “Luz de la Luna”? 

I have a great interest in music. I would definitely say that my interest in music influenced the creation of my piece. It was a spontaneous creation and I firmly believe that the best works of art are those that are created in the moment when there is a burst of inspiration.