The Scribendi editors and staff have some exciting news this month!  Starting this semester Scribendi is looking at becoming an Adobe Ambassador to our UNM campus. What exactly is the Adobe Ambassador Program?

Well, it is a program run by Adobe that partners with student groups at colleges across America. The program’s goal is to increase awareness and use of the Adobe Creative Cloud software amongst students on college campus, while helping to support the partnered student groups.  

Now what exactly does this entail for Scribendi? For the editors and staff there are some requirements of course. Scribendi will hold two workshops per semester on using the Adobe software, do flyering and tabling, and post on our social media to promote Adobe alongside our magazine, which we already make using Adobe software.  

By meeting these requirements the staff will receive benefits that will help both in our production of the magazine as well as in our individual pursuits. One of the biggest benefits we’ll get is five one year long subscriptions to Creative Cloud software which we could distribute in various ways. An idea we had on how to divvy them up is giving two of the subscriptions to the editors who currently have to pay monthly for the software. Other goodies we’ll receive are a $750 stipend, Adobe swag, access to internship opportunities limited to partnered groups, and letters of recommendation, to name a few.      

Not only will it benefit honors students, who have been our main focus in the past,  but also students outside of the honors college. The biggest opportunity for students is the chance to gain skills in using Adobe software. Through the workshops put on by Scribendi, students will get the chance to learn how to make things in the Adobe software. It could be something useful like learning how to design a resume in InDesign or something more fun like learning how to design a snapchat filter.  How we put on the workshops is left up to us, so it could involve working with other student organizations or professors in other departments. In addition to workshops, we’ll be sharing trial URLs for the Adobe CC software.

We are looking forward to this new opportunity and what it will bring to both Scribendi and UNM!