Contributor Profile – Dorothea Rosenblatt, Poetry Staff Choice Award Winner

July 15, 2016

When deliberating which literature piece deserved our Staff Choice Award, our staff faced a tough choice—we received so many good pieces! Of all of the literature pieces published, Dorothea Rosenblatt’s “To Tabitha—” stood out to us for many reasons. From the relatable emotions that arc through the five stanzas to the unique concrete images that transport the reader to … Read More

Contributor Profile – Selina Foster, WRHC Poetry Award Winner

May 20, 2016

Selina Foster wrote the WRHC Award-winning poem “Imitations (for Alan Turing).” Here, she answers some questions about herself and her work.  What is something a good friend would know about you, but an acquaintance wouldn’t? One of my favorite passions that I don’t get to talk about all that much is musical theatre. I’m not much … Read More

Contributor Profile: WRHC Poetry Award Winner Sheila Dong

July 9, 2015

This year’s WRHC Award Winner in Poetry, “Confabulated,” takes a centuries-old story and shows a new perspective. Through powerful imagery, Sheila Dong has made their readers question whether we really want to live in a fairy tale, or whether we are better off just remembering one. Sheila was kind enough to answer questions about their … Read More

Alumni Profile: Professor Kathryn Collison

May 28, 2015

Every year, Scribendi represents the art and creativity of students in the Western Honors Region Council and, ultimately, tomorrow’s authors and artists. However, the process to creating this magazine takes teamwork, effort, and the guidance of the faculty advisor. Every staff of Scribendi is as unique as every year’s edition of the magazine, and after … Read More

Contributor Profile: WRHC Poetry Award Winner Bonnie Wells

June 23, 2014

*This post is part of a series of blog posts highlighting award winning contributors and supporters of Scribendi. In her poem, Bonnie Wells describes the experience of fishing with a quiet intensity and persistent images. Readers are reminded of the inherent violence of natural processes. These images are complicated by the nostalgia of childhood memory. … Read More

Scribendi Spotlight: Poetry

October 8, 2013

In this segment, your Scribes highlight a work of art or literature that has been published in a past issue of Scribendi. This piece has been selected by Jesse Montoya, from the Scribendi 2013 edition. Commentary will follow after the poem. Garden City Breeann Silbernagel | Montana State University, Billings | Poem Editors’ Choice Award … Read More