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Historical Facts: This edition of Scribendi was crafted entirely online through video chats and calls, with much revision to create a good magazine design. The inspiration was a Swiss Modern design with some ’70s flare which is notable by our Pantone choice. We wanted to give off a cheerful theme as we move from a dark time into a brighter future. As we planned much of our events online, we were inspired to be close even from a distance.

What you’ll find in this issue: The 2021 edition features work from twenty-six Honors students from seventeen schools across the country. Included in this edition you’ll find architectural models, recreated movie posters, and Russian poems. If youd like to hold the physical copy in your hands, you can order the print edition herePlease donate $10 to help cover mailing, printing, and general operating costs. You can also download a digital edition by clicking here.

Table of Contents

Category Contributor Name Title of Piece
Creative Nonfiction Alli Mancz
Seams of Gold
Emily Rice
Sincerely, A Climate Science Undergrad
Kevin Kim
I’m thinking I should buy flowers
Sarah James If you want me to fall in love with you, make me oatmeal
Katrina Lantz
The Part I Can See
Christina Lee
The Balancing Act
Abby Pace
When The Soon Comes Running
Short Fiction Felix Dong Run
Abby Pace Again! But this time with feeling!
Salome Aydlett How To Ethically Steal A Pig
Julia Seaton The Eye of a Cover
Luke Griffin The Seventh Day Of Rain
Poetry Kahlo Smith Clay Boy
Morgan Azevedo an ode to mental stasis
Marieke Sorge Blooming
Samantha Park Like You
Madeika Vercella Warmth is a blanket of ignorance
Madeika Vercella Jemison did not go to the moon and back for you 
Fiona Martinez Earthly Gems
Griffin Mozdy Portmanteau To Take Along
Anna Rinaldi Under the Microscope
Lexi Orgill Pompeii
Sogol Gharaei Diaspora
Jireh Deng Wretched
Mahal Miles To Be Alive
Jireh Deng the next six months
Foreign Language Daniil Tourashev Моя Зашита
Blaise Koller Le Secret des Étoiles
Maria Magana Un día pronto llegaré
Photography Alicia Alexander Communion
Jeremiah Vandagrift The Garden Bed
Martina Preston “welcome home”
Ryan Schmidt Bracing the Wind
Ryan Schmidt Flight
John Adair Candy-Wrapped
Saul Vazquez Luz de la Luna
Alessandra C. Park Penguins and the Evil Eye
 Greta Gannon Anthony
Rylee Norman The Friendly Campus Ghost
Katrina Dutt Unwind
Casey Ryder Left Behind
Open Media Marie Adele “M’Adele” Little El Malpias: A Diné Collection of Pomes
Visual Art Blaise Koller Prickly Phantasm
Vanessa Krajeck
The Bizzare
Ethan Swanberg Queer Nostalgia
Ethan Swanberg Harvested Selfhood
Greta Gannon Mountain Terrace
Anna Kenyon Shadowed Cacti
William Hindmarch The Man From Buton
Ashley Geraets Aqua Vitae
Dylan Francisco Decastro What Is Freedom?
Jenna Rhodes The Ballad of Me ‘n Jim
Jenna Rhodes “But I am”




Enjoy our open media piece below!


El Malpias: A Diné Collection of Pomes by Marie Adele “M’Adele” Little

Inspired by and meant to be constructed in El Malpais National Park, this set of scale models depicts a design for a jewelers’ retreat, complete with studio, gallery, and five living quarters for resident jewelers. The juniper berries and the hexagon shape that create the design are both elements used by the Diné who once inhabited the land of El Malpais.

Two sets of models, at 1:16 and 1:4, were created with basswood and photographed by the artist, emphasizing strong, intentional lighting details and highlighting the calming, natural-feeling design.