Us here at Scribendi know that all of you probably had a long, hard semester. It is quickly coming to a close, but in the mean time you are all stressed out with papers, presentations, and finals. Then finally you are off to celebrate your holidays of choice and your (hopefully) strong finish of the semester. At Scribendi, we are finishing the semester after working hard going over submissions by creating our minimagazines. The minimags are each staff members’ pitch for what this year’s Scribendi should look like. They are essentially mini versions of Scribendi with example artwork, poetry, and prose. We choose the graphic elements, the fonts, the spacing, the layout, the margins, everything. It all starts with a blank page. The Scribendi magazine design does not come out of a vacuum. It is a combination of different design ideas proposed in our minimags, blended, refined, changed, and polished by the design team. It comes a long way and goes through a lot of work from all of our original individual ideas. I am going to show a sneak peak of some of the different minimag designs we have just completed this semester. Maybe you will recognize an element or two when our finalized Scribendi issue comes out in the Spring!