Hello followers of Scribendi! 

As the Fall semester is ending, we, the staff, wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who sent in submissions for the 2021 edition of Scribendi. We have been working diligently to read every poem and story, view every piece of artwork and photography, and finalize our selection process in preparation for the Spring semester. We have been discussing each piece and putting together our shortlists, containing the best of each category to be put in the magazine. Not only are we working on reviewing submissions we are preparing designs for the next edition working hard to create a time capsule for the year of 2020. We all know this year has been a crazy year and we want to highlight the amazing works of Honors students across the nation. It is often easy to find fault in various facets of life when it seems like everything is speeding downhill but, we want to use this opportunity to highlight wonderful pieces of art and literature that inspire us all to have a better year as we move from this one to the next. There is always a brighter side to view just beyond the clouds if we just take the time to venture through the fog to the green valleys beyond. 

Thank you to all who have supported us this year and in previous years, we hope we can provide an excellent 2021 edition of Scribendi for your viewing pleasure in the upcoming year.