Phoebe Cummins is the creator of “Breaking Bad Stereotypes” in the 2019 edition of ScribendiShe is from Tijeras, New Mexico, and recently graduated from the University of New Mexico this past December. Phoebe’s open media piece is the only video included in Scribendi 2019 and is a wonderful example of the creativity and diversity of our contributors. Below is a short interview with Phoebe Cummins where she explains her inspiration behind her piece and her time at UNM.  

Hi Phoebe, you said you’re from Tijeras, New Mexico. How does Tijeras compare to Albuquerque?  

Tijeras is much smaller than Albuquerque, so I was able to grow up in a close-knit and supportive community. 

What brought you to the honors college at the University of New Mexico 

I went to East Mountain High School where there were smaller class sizes and the teacher were really engaging. So, I think I was drawn to the UNM Honors College because it offered a similar structure to my high school experience. The courses the Honors College offer are really unique and I think they give students the opportunity to engage with their peers and professors. 

If you were a dinosaur, what kind of dinosaur would you be? 

I definitely identify as a Pterodactyl, because it would be super cool to fly and like the Pterodactyl people are often forget my name is spelled with a ‘P’. 

What was your process behind “Breaking Bad Stereotypes”?  

Making “Breaking Bad Stereotypes” was a great experience because I had never made a stop-motion animation film before so it required me to work outside my comfort zone. I was a huge fan of the show, Breaking Bad, before I began the project. Even though I really admire the show, I think it is still important to analyze and critique it to demonstrate how media can be more inclusive and diverse. The overall shooting and editing process took around four months, and I used pictures and colored paper to create the images. I also used blue rock candy to represent the iconic “Blue Sky” meth from Breaking Bad. After I created the images, I used a copy stand and my camera to shoot the images. 

Why is the world of literature and art important to you?  

Literature and art are a form of expression and a means to convey your feelings and ideas to other people. 

Nice! We’ve seen your stop-motion abilities; what other genres have you experimented with?  

In addition to film, I enjoy painting and drawing. I also love acting and I’m interested in doing improv in the future. 

You’ve graduated with majors in Political Science and Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts with a minor in Spanish. (Congratulations! That’s very ambitious!) Could you tell us a bit more about why you chose these subjects and what your goals are for the future? 

Yes, I graduated this past December! I wanted to study Political Science because I was inspired by my high school Civics teacher. During my Junior year I realized I wanted a creative outlet so I decided to major in Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts because the program gives students the opportunity to explore their interests from different perspectives. I studied abroad in Spain with the Honors College Conexiones program which was one of the best experiences and it motivated me to minor in Spanish. In June, I start my Master’s program in Elementary Education at UNM. After I finish I want to teach here in New Mexico. 

Best of luck with your master’s program! Let’s see, what is a special skill that you have?  

A special skill I have is adapting to different situations. I love traveling and trying new things, and I think being open-minded and embracing each situation is a skill.   

I definitely agree. For our final question: what is a lasting lesson you would like to give to the literature and art community today? 

I think you should try to explore subjects or genres that challenge you because the most difficult creative experiences are often the most rewarding. 

Thank you so much for your time and for contributing to Scribendi 2019!  

To view Phoebe’s piece, go to on Youtube, or click through on Scribendi’s interactive magazine to check it out!