Historical Facts: This was the second year that Scribendi used a Pantone color (177 U) within the magazine, adding a sense of bright and airy vibrancy to this edition. It is also the first edition of Scribendi to use contributor artwork on the cover since the 2000 edition.

What you’ll find in this issue: This 2019 edition features artwork and literature from forty-four undergraduate Honors students from across the country, highlighted with a sleek, clean, and geometric design philosophy. Included in this edition are stories of dreams, identity, and family, an interactive poem, and exciting art experimenting with medium and form. For a minimum $10 donation (to cover the cost of shipping) you can get your own physical copy of this edition of Scribendi here. We also have a digital edition available for download here.

Table of Contents

 Category  Contributor Name  Title of Piece
 Creative Nonfiction  Kendra Barker  The Depths Below
 Andrea Lara-García  Ode to the Hyphen
 Katelyn Moorman  Pokémon NO!
 Hannah Utter  Viola sororiaWRHC Award
 Daniel Lang  While Mother was ChineseStaff Choice Award
 Jenna Rhodes  Women’s Pockets: A Crime against Nature
 Foreign Language  Kulsoom Mohammad  خوابوں ميں | In Dreams
 Open Media  Phoebe Cummins  Breaking Bad StereotypesWRHC Award
 Lauren Sarkissian  Moving & Purging
 Photography  Joshua Lane  Beware of Lawn Gnome
 Kyleigh Tyler  Clouded
 Carrie George  Curtains
 Joshua Lane  From lands afar, with treasures galore.
 Taylor Haggard  Ideas for Strings.WRHC Award
 Taylor Haggard  In Ice.
 Mariposa Childson  Midnight Musings
 Joseph Wishart  Milky Way over Mount Rainier
 Raquel Sacknoff  Reaching
 Ashlyn Bothwell  Trapped
 Lauren Sarkissian  Void
 Poetry  Carrie George  Apophatic
 Lia Stefanovich  “best shopping districts”
 Madison Haver  Dead Fish in a Puddle
 Rylan Rowsey  Frankenstein’s Monster Writes a Haiku
 Taylor Steedman  Hilltop Reflections
 Hunter Hazelton  Hotel Elysè
 Erin Benton  I can only speak of trauma in goddess tongues
 Marvin Contreras  Liquor Store
 Nain Christopherson  Poem in which I Wrestle with Origin
 Carrie George  Raspberry PieEditors’ Choice Award
 Hannah Slind  relianceWRHC Award
 Taylor Steedman  Saturday Night in Whatcom County
 Nina Palattella  Selectivity
 Short Fiction  Nicole Schroeder  April’s Flowers
 Alyssa Shikles  Dream a Little Dream
 Tehya Wachuta  A Dream Vanished
 Nina Palatella  Flightless Birds
 Nat Quayle Nelson  I ThinkWRHC Award
 Lara Meintjes  The seven-hundred-and-forty-first-coming
 Bennett Bowden  Waterboarding
 Visual Art  Lara Meintjes  Cock Fight
 Sarah Shaw  Embers
 Alex Galindo  Examination of Misogyny
 Tyairra Stredic  Fishing for Time
 Saya “Ted” Richthofen  I Found my Home in Her
 Gabriella Hesse  Magnetic Resonance Imaging
 Ryan Williamson  Martin
 Alice Gau  Ogopogo Chillin’ Out Under the Sea
 Gabriella Hesse  Piccadilly CircusEditors’ Choice Award
 Tarynn Di’Nnovati  Shadow
 Alexandra Berkowitz  Shut Up Legs
 Joshua Chang  SunshineStaff Choice Award
 Lauren Thurgood  VulnerabilityWRHC Award




Enjoy our open media piece below!

Breaking Bad Stereotypes by Phoebe Cummins

Breaking Bad Stereotypes is a stop motion film about the real-world impact that the popular AMC show had on its host city, Albuquerque, New Mexico. This film addresses stereotypes about race, wealth, and drugs, and how the television both subverted and reified these stereotypes.