Historical Facts: This was the second year that Scribendi had an exchange student on staff, and the first year it had two. It was also the first year that the magazine cover featured French flaps, which are extensions of the cover that are folded in, similar to the dust jacket on a hardcover book.

What you’ll find in this issue: This 2018 edition features artwork and literature from 42 undergraduate Honors students from across the country. Included in this edition are heartfelt examinations of personal histories, clever musings about day-to-day life, and portraits as odes to the people who matter most, to name a few. For a minimum $10 donation (to cover the cost of shipping) you can get your own physical copy of this edition of Scribendi here. We also have a digital edition available for download here.

Table of Contents

 Category  Contributor Name  Title of Piece
 Foreign Language  Qi’ang Meng  Halfway
   Carol Stringer  Paper Planes
 Poetry  Maya Roe  My Daughter’s Ocean
   Jack Ellmer  Serenity is Shared
   Joshua Tise  A Few Moments of Convergence
   Carolyn Janecek  Under the Dog Star
   Leslie Nuckoles  Blackstrap Molasses
   Abigayle Goldstein  Incontinence, Depression, and Empathy
   Keegan Grady  Dry Creek Sonnet
   Amanda Becker  Rain Dance (trio)
   Samuel Slonaker  Jacking Off in the Shower Then Feeling Nothing
   Savannah Hernandez  Sieve
   Rachel Baxter  Horrors for Highways
 Creative Nonfiction  Ryan Drendel  Suggested Writing
   Maria Hiatt  The Chalice of Grace
   Keegan Grady  Illuminations
   Jennifer Cummings  Reason
   Jacqueline Jolley  Just Keep Laughing
   Youssef Helmi  Ketsui, the Town the Clouds Left Forever
   Gabrielle Zweifel  Funeral
   Amy Sara Lim  Star’s Calling
   Tamara E. Faour  Cordial Cherries
   Nicolena Boucher  The Generator
 Visual Art  Rachel Watson  Hair
   Claire Liu  PoPo
   Jennifer Spong  Double
   Lara Lee Meintjes  Every Time I Open My Mouth in Public
   Jadie Adams  Blizzard
   Elisabeth Vehling  Deconstructed Face
   Sidney Abernathy  Not Like the Movies
   Jon Carrillo  Head and Hand
   Joshua Chang  Cotton Candy Coward
   Elisabeth Vehling  Drip Woman
   Kaitlynn Skinner  Mars
   Joshua Chang  To Sheehy
   Kaitlynn Skinner  Twilight Zone
 Photography  Connor Lee-Wen  Knowledge Enfolding
   Sarah Manriquez  A Silent Dream
   Shelby Petty  Ghostly Visions
   Abigail Steffen  Tanzanian Daze
   Emma Lowe  Curiosity
   Donald Roberts  Placid and Pink
   Donald Roberts  Dion’s or Death
   Bryson Schritter  Surreality
 Open Media  Allison Borgonah  Just a Little Lost
   Erin Mitchell  Drowning
   Lukas Armstrong-Laird  This is the Bathroom

Enjoy our open media piece below!

This is the Bathroom

This is the Bathroom explores the most intimate moments in a less well known and often overlooked setting in film — the bathroom. Following a young man in his bathroom provides glimpses of what we often interpret as monotonous, and at times uncomfortable tasks. Nonetheless, the professional cinematography creates a dynamic exploration of human intimacy and vulnerability. The monochrome snapshots in this film weave a story that expresses raw, mature situations that are unnoticed in the everyday chaos. In effect, the film forces the viewer to bring their own experiences and become immersed within the film’s story.

This film plays with the senses that go beyond sight and sound. A presented sudden shift in mood undoubtedly takes viewers on a roller coaster of emotions by producing a dynamic experience which allows viewers to feel a bit uneasy, curious, and possibly a little love sick. Just as we all undergo moments of vulnerability, partnership, and loss — we also all use the bathroom in some way or another. Moreover, the film’s effective skill in execution of a small space location, simple approach, and sound production gives these humble bathroom moments a charming light. Shot in two days with minimal equipment and crew, the film relies heavily on collaboration and improvisation. This film was also created with only thirty dollars but a whole lot of heart.