1990-1991 (UNM Honors Review)
V. B. Price, Faculty Advisor
Stacey A. Ward, Editor
James D. Miera, Assistant Editor
Candia McNeal, Assistant Editor
James D. Miera, Consultant
William Peterson, Consultant
Marlene Brockman, Proofer
Lisa M. Green, Proofer
Jennifer Colleen Nail, Proofer
Nicholas A. Donato, Art Director
Lisa M. Green, Assistant Art Director
M. Elaine Heimlich, Art Selection
Marlene Brockman, Business Manager
Lisa M. Green, Business Manager
M. Elaine Heimlich, Archivist
Typesetter, Pam Grieger
Jane V. Catoe
Sally B. Kmetz
Lynnea Shane
Andrew Witter

Historical Facts:
First year with V.B. Price as the sole Faculty Advisor.


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