Susan J. Kilgore, Faculty Advisor
Jean M. Raymond, Editor
Trish Ann Teasdale, Assistant Editor
Paula Morgan, Finance Manager
Pamela Grieger, Production
Jeffrey K. Johnson, Cover Artist
Georgene Somers, Graphics
Andrew Bryan
Jeff Gilmore
Devin O’Leary
Carol Sinor

Historical Facts:
Inaugural year.
Formerly titled UNM Honors Review, Scribendi began as a somewhat crazy labor of love. Around 1985, a few enterprising undergraduates developed an interest in starting an undergraduate honors magazine. Dr. Susan Kilgore was the first Faculty Advisor for this publication. At this time, students did not receive credit for their work, and there was very little recognition. The staff frantically held bake sales to help raise money for publishing the magazine. Generous small businesses and parents of the staff also provided funding. Submissions were few and mostly local, perhaps 30-40 total submissions, and the magazine was less than 25 pages long. By the third year, there were at least 100 submissions from the Western region of the United States.


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